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Established in the year 2000 Haslinger has set a new standard in the design and form of the chef knife, without compromising performance.

Thomas Haslinger, a former chef with over 2 decades experience in hotels and restaurants around the globe, creates his distinct chef's knives with pride.

Haslinger's award winning cutlery has set a distinguished style within the field and has been featured in such fine periodicals as King (Sweden), TheStreet.com, Los Angeles Times, The Better Life and numerous trade specific publications. He has been a guest on local and national TV, namely City TV (formerly A-Channel).

His knives are used by professionals chef's of national and international reputation, as well as culinary instructors at established culinary schools like Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale, Arizona, but they are equally at home in your kitchen.

Haslinger Knife Designer

Five things really matter with chef blades:
sharpness, edge retention, ductility, balance and comfort. My blades deliver all five.

Haslinger Edge

Distal tapered sweeping grindlines balance the edge to encompass tasks at hand. The edge is ground typically known in the industry as an apple seed edge, combined with the sweeping grindlines, ensures "meat" is at the right places.

"Cooking is an art and not an insignificant one."

Luciano Pavarotti - Italian Tenor

Chosen for ther performance properties, as well as there aesthetics the materials Haslinger Culinary uses enhance the function of this everyday chef's tool.

Powder metallurgy created stainless steel delivers an edge that is durable and lasts. Chatoyant and warm, the handle materials used add a class of distinction that makes it right at home in your modern kitchen.

Haslinger Edge