Speciality Chef Knives

In this section you will find specialty item that I have made to customers specifications. From customizing my standard designs, to sashimi knives, steak sets and oriental cleavers.

265mm Bladed New Generation Chef Slicer with

US $590.00
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Santuko 4" paring knife handled in fiddleback

US $275.00
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Santuko paring knife handled in premium curly

US $290.00
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Damascus Petty 152mm Blade with Highly

Mukimono handled in gorgeous red flamed maple

New Generation Paring Knife 96mm Blade with

Raindrop Damascus and Premium Curly Koa

Stainless Ladder Damascus Mammoth Ivory

Mukimono handled in georgous red colored

Stainless Damascus Steak Knife with Koa

Presentation Steak Knife Set with Blackwood

Sashimi Chef Knife with African Blackwood

Stainless Damascus Carving Set Handled in

Stainless Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife with

Sashimi Chef Knife with Curly Koa Handle

Oriental Cleaver with Micarta Handle